Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems are a vital component in a building's fire safety, as it alerts anyone within the building of any fire that may have formed if the system is regularly maintained. There are three main elements to a fire detection system: passive detection, manual detection, and sounders.

Passive detection is achieved through the installation of various types of detectors for smoke and heat. This is a vital form of detection as it requires no human presence to operate.

Manual detection is comprised of call points and manual fire alarms which can be used to trigger a fire alarm system in the event that passive detection has not picked anything up yet.

The purpose of sounders is to alert people within a building to the presence of a fire. As well as the siren call, sounders often have strobe lighting to alert people with hearing impairments as well.

These three elements working together increase the security of a building dramatically, improving the safety and security of employees, assets, and property.

Maintaining your fire alarm system will ensure that the system continues to operate as intended. This can prevent false alarms, panel faults and allows any defective pieces of equipment to be recognised before they fail in what could potentially be a fire event.

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