Quality Policy

Saltire Safety Solutions (SSS) is committed to delivering and improving the best quality of their product and service delivery in line with best industry practice and legislative requirements to offer the best possible stakeholder experience.

Quality issues and deficiencies will be dealt with using the following framework:

  1. When a quality deficiency or issue is identified or highlighted, it shall be reviewed by management and include all persons involved with the process in question within the company;

  2. The review will identify what went wrong and how to ensure it does not occur again and set a SMART target for staff to work towards within a set time period agreed by review attendees;

  3. Following the review process, the findings will be disseminated throughout the company in an informal meeting to ensure that everyone is aware of the issue and the solution;

  4. Upon the amended processes implementation, it shall be reviewed to ensure that the resolution has been successful after initial implementation, during an annual review, or if the process has failed to deliver on the objective.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, or after a change in legislation to ensure that Saltire Safety Solutions Ltd. remains compliant with the law and their own objectives. Any changes to the quality policy goals will be communicated internally and externally as part of a commitment to increase awareness of how the business intends to progress.

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