Security systems are useful for monitoring a business premises or a work site and acts as an effective deterrent to unauthorised personnel who may try and gain access to the building. In the event that someone does enter the building, a good CCTV system can be used to identify the perpetrator by Police and an Intruder Alarm System can provide an audible notification that the premises has been entered.

Common concerns that exist around CCTV cameras are that they do not have good picture quality and are not as effective at night.

Knowing these concerns, all of the CCTV products that we offer come with:

  • Full HD lenses

  • Built-in infra-red to allow for clear-as-day filming at night

Some worries that customers can have around Intruder Alarms is that there will be lots of false alarms.

To reassure clients, we can offer the following:

  • Pet-friendly controls to prevent most pets from triggering sensors

  • Over 5 years of experience and working with manufacturers means our engineers know how best to reduce false alarms when installing new systems

On top of the standard wired CCTV and Intruder Alarm options we offer, we also have a range of very effective wireless options to minimize any disruption that often comes with the installation process. This speeds up the installation due to reduced time spent on wiring, meaning savings on labour rate for our clients.

Intruder Access Keypad

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